Christmas celebration at the Divine Word Residence

Fr. Mel and his team of helpers were at it all day the 23rd and until mid-afternoon on the 24th. By then the chapel and especially the dining room were resplendent. As you entered the dining room for Christmas Day Dinner a huge sparkling tree seemed to rush up and greet you. It reached all the way to the 10ft ceiling—a perfect replica of the Norway Spruce in both shape and density, covered with lights and decorations of every sort. And it was so easy to put up and take down—all in three easily assembled parts. Then you just step on the floor switch and voila—instant stars of Bethlehem. The Christmas music gently flowed from hidden speakers across the decorated room filling it with a joyful noise—and it was very good company to our wonderful feast. Each dining room table was covered with a beautiful table-cloth and set with the best silverware and stone-ware plates that you have ever seen. This went along with special glasses for water and wine, and red cloth napkins in their special little holders. Let’s see… there were several good wines and other drinks at the confections table; then there was the turkey and dressing of course, a rich golden brown it was, and so juicy and tender that the left-overs simply didn’t get left over. Then there was that delicious ham bathed in its roasted pineapple slices. Then there was the salad, the veggies and other festive incidentals like freshly baked biscuits and butter. The salad was of sweet roasted beets dappled with blue gorgonzola crumbles, then there was the string bean casserole smothered with crispy onions, fresh cranberries, yams and mashed potatoes with gravy, (along with outliers of cauliflower and broccoli for those who wanted them). Then came the magnificent deserts—sugar drenched pineapple turnovers, fruit tarts and a chocolate cake that would make Mr Hershey cry. Kudos to Maestro Mel for making our Christmas complete.

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