SVD Parish Staff Meeting Held

The meeting of the staff of all the SVD parishes and institutions in San Bernardino District was held on 9th October at Divine Word residence, Riverside. Nearly 40 staff from all the SVD parishes and Wordnet attended the program. Some of them were accompanied by the SVD members. Duong Nguyen presented a short history of the Society and the founder concentrating on the demographical information of the USW province. Soney Sebastian shared on the USW parish profile. During the sharing he explained how the four dimensions are incorporated into the parish profile. The four dimensions are the DNA of our society and it reflects every activity and ministry we undertake. He invited them to implement the parish profile. Our quarter hour prayer was also introduced to them. Everyone appreciated the gathering. Many of them commended that this is the first of its kind and welcomed to have more of these in the future. It was also a time for them to meet and greet each

other as well as to know more about the Society and its charism. The program concluded with a wonderful lunch at the residence.
The meeting of the staff from all the SVD parishes in San Diego District is scheduled for December 18, 2019. It will be at St. Tekakwitha, Parish, Barona. The program will begin at 9.30-10 a.m. arrival followed by the presentations and lunch. The third meeting would be in Los Angeles district and the last would be in the Northern district. The dates of these are not yet decided. We shall inform you as soon as we have a date for these two.

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