Wordnet Tapes Shows by Martin Padvani, SVD

Steve Pardy, Biju Thomas and Soney Sebastian spent a week in Bordentown recently taping presentations and interview by Martin Padovani, SVD. Martin has been involved in counseling, especially marriage and couples counseling for the last 50 years. From his many experiences he has written two all time, ever green books called “Healing Wounded Emotions” and “Healing Wounded Relationships” These books have become so popular that they are already translated into many world languages with and without his permission.
During the one week we taped many shows as Padovani presented various chapters of these books. He highlighted topics like “human relationships, emotions, anger, affirmation etc. This surely is a great wealth of knowledge and information coming from a person who has spent all these years guiding couples and families. He gives a lot of practical tips and guidance for happy and successful marriage and family life and relationships. The shows will be edited and be made available through Wordnet’s streaming channel Wordnettv.net in a few months time.

It was also a nice time to be at a very historic place of Joseph Bonaparte brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. Some of the trees and the river still remember the victorious stories of yester years. 

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