Retreat Center/Ministry

The old high school seminary in Riverside, CA has been converted into a retreat center. We rent out our facilities to various groups. The rental income is a major source of financial support for our retirement house at Riverside. However our target is to develop a team of resource persons who would offer retreats, seminars and Biblical related courses.

Divine Word Retreat Center
11316 Cypress Avenue
Riverside, CA 92505
Fr. Vinh The Trinh (Director)

Hospital and Prison Ministry/Chaplaincies:

A few of our confreres with professional training of CPE are working as Hospital Chaplains. They are involved in the noble task of caring for the sick and their relatives. Our confreres are also working as chaplains in jails; though ministering to the inmates requires courage and plenty of spiritual stamina. We serve as chaplains in a Girl’s High school and a community of Sisters.

San Diego

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church
4177 Marlborough Ave.
San Diego, CA 92138
Fr. Raymundus Bhia Wea (Hospital Chaplain)

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church
4177 Marlborough Ave.
San Diego, CA 92138
Fr. Anthony Yang (Chinese Ministry)

Mission Office
Diocese of San Diego
P.O. Box 82386
San Diego, CA 92138-2386
Fr. Soney Sebastian  (Director- Propagation of the Faith)


St. Jude Medical Center
101 East Valencia Mesa Drive
Fullerton, CA 92835
Fr. Arul Pragasam Irudayaraj (Hospital Chaplain)


Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose
43326 Mission Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94539-5829
Seewald, Fr. Carl (Convent Chaplain)

San Francisco

Diocese of San Francisco
1 Peter York Way
San Francisco, CA 94109
Fr. Peter Zhai (Director of Chinese Ministry)

Biblical Ministry

The province is proud of its achievement in making available to the needy mainly to the Spanish speaking community. In spite of the world wide economic slow down, our sale of Bibles and Bible related books have shown a substantial growth. Presently we distribute the books and products of various leading publications.

In addition to selling the Bible and Bible related books, we also offer a Bible course obtained from the Editorial Verbo Divino through their web-site. We intend to offer short term Bible programs in the future in collaboration with the local parishes and diocese.

San Bernardino,

Ministerio Biblico Verb° Divino
555 N. “E” Street
San Bernardino, CA 92401
Fr. Pavol Sochulak – President

Communication Ministry

The communication ministry of the Western Province mainly centers on WORDNET Productions which produces a weekly half hour program. along with programs that relate the Bible to everyday life, some programs offer interviews with Catholics who tell the story of their faith in Jesus. These programs are aired nationally and internationally on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, on seven Catholic Diocesan channels, on the US Armed Services Network and also made available on the website. A daily reflection in video based on the liturgy of the day is made available in “Smart Phones” and tablets as an application known as igodtoday. WORDNET also produces various documentaries related to Christian faith, morals and vocation promotion. At present three of our confreres are fully involved in the communication ministry.

San Bernardino,

Wordnet Productions
532 N. “D” Street
San Bernardino, CA 92401

Fr. Akhil Thomas – President
Fr. Soney Sebastian – Executive Producer

Vietnamese Charitable Association (Ministry to the Vietnamese)

In an effort to help the people of Vietnam and the Vietnamese refugees in USA, an organization was started and run by some interested confreres. Financial help is collected mainly from Vietnamese people living in USA. It used to support the needy Vietnamese both in USA as well as in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Charitable Association
11325 Anaheim Street
Riverside, CA 9255
Nguyen, Fr. Long Van (Director)