A Lenten Lesson from the Buddhists

Last month I had the chance to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Vietnam with my relatives and friends. The Tết celebrations are very meaningful and joyful for us Vietnamese. I was whole-heartedly enjoying the celebrations with delicious food,givingand receiving the “lì xì” (red envelopes), offering well wishes, and celebrating many masses. This year, the […]

Reclaiming The Fast

One of the spiritual practices retained among the faithful in China is fasting. Whenever I return home to visit my family, I must observe the holy and nonnegotiable rule, which is to fast every Friday. If it is in the season of Lent, they fast both on Wednesdays and Fridays. In a jocular manner, I […]

Naming our Time

The theologian, David Tracy, says we need to name the moment we are living in to understand it. The present moment is not a vacuum. We are living our lives in and for the moment, and we need to name the moment. Two of the ways we can do this are prophetically and prayerfully. Old […]

Truth Talk at Wordnet

On November 17, 2022, Fr. Benjamin Alforque, MSC, related his personal encounter of Christ in his Truth Talk presentation on Faith and Culture. Immediately, one may ask, how do these two words work together? Fr. Ben teaches us that Faith and Culture help to balance the influence of our response as Christians and human beings. […]