Lay Missionaries

Associates of the Divine Word

Two of our parishes have ventured to establish SVD Lay Mission groups. The purpose of this group is to deepen their faith in the light of the spirituality of our Founder Saint Arnold Janssen and to be collaborators in the missionary activities of SVD priests and brothers. Recently 8 of the members made one year commitment to the lay missionary community, its work and growth in SVD spirituality. To meet their financial requirements, one of the SVD Lay Mission groups has opened a Catholic Book Store in Riverside, CA. The store also serves as a place for Catholics to come together to share their faith experience.

Associates of the Divine Word

An Associate of the Divine Word is a man or woman who wishes to enrich his or her prayer life and ministry with the spirituality of the Society of the Divine Word and its founder St Arnold Janssen.

Associates continue their involvement with family, work, school, ministry and their parish. Through prayer and formation they enrich their own spirituality and bring the blessings of Divine Word spirituality to every aspect of their life.

Divine Word Spirituality

The founder of the Society of the Divine Word was a German priest by the name of Arnold Janssen. Today the Society has 10,000 priests, brothers and sisters working in over 70 countries dedicated to bringing the love of God to all people in the spirit of the Founder.

Divine Word Missionaries are dedicated to bringing the love of Jesus especially to the poor here and around the world. We are men and women of different nationalities and cultures.

We have a deep love for the Blessed Trinity, the Divine Word, the Holy Spirit, and Mary, the Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit. We long to share this love with all people throughout the world. We foster missionary involvement, mass media, standing for peace and justice, and by promoting the reading and understanding of the Bible. We challenge ourselves to proclaim prophetic interfaith and interdenominational dialogue.

We welcome men and women, lay, clergy or religious to join us in prayer and ministry as Associates of the Divine Word. We invite you to join us in enriching your spirituality and ministry as together we follow the Divine Word.

Would you like to know more? Please contact us:

Fr. Beni Leu
4824 Jones Ave.
Riverside, CA 92505