Covid-19 Memorial Mass at Wordnet

Jennifer Rodrigues, who is one of our “Wordnet Champions”, initiated the idea of having a special celebration at Wordnet to remember the thousands who have died but whose lives we haven’t been able to celebrate with prayer or a funeral Mass because of the pandemic. Such a Mass would offer a needed opportunity to mourn and celebrate the passing of our loved ones.

Following up on this suggestion, on March 18,Wordnet celebrated a live-streamed Memorial Mass in our Studio to remember those who have passed away during the pandemic. A total of 220 persons were named and presented with photographs. The Mass was led by Fr Soney Sebastian together with Fr Pavol and Deebar. It was attended by almost 400 participants from all across the globe in two languages—Spanish and English. They joined with us to remember and pray for their departed loved ones using the media of YouTube and Facebook. The Mass was followed by an eight-day novena with recitation of the rosary for the dead.

Besides the online participants, the Mass was attended by the Wordnet staff and six others. In his sharing during the Mass, Fr Soney encouraged the participants with these words of compassion, “Every departure is painful, especially when it happens through death as we cannot meet again in person in physical form. But our faith gives us an opportunity to hope for another meeting together.” Everyone acknowledged their appreciation for having this wonderful opportunity to remember their loved ones.

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