February Taping at Wordnet Productions

Two new interviews were taped at Wordnet Productions on 27thFebruary. One of the interviews was with Anna Hamilton, Director of the office of
Restorative Peace and Justice of San Bernardino Diocese. Anna shared with Jack Knight the host of the program about the number of homicides taking place in San Bernardino and Riverside counties and how she and her department has been able to respond to the families and friends of these victims. She has been also working with families of suicide victims and try to bring appropriate help to those with suicide tendencies. They also spoke about some of the practical solutions to get rid of tension and anxiety.

The second interview was with Cathy Gunnan who shared about the situation of her daughter who was diagnosed with a severe heart disease that would have resulted in the death of the child immediately after birth. But they were able to receive a heart from another donor and her daughter was saved. Her daughter who is a young woman of 21 now advocates for organ donation to save precious lives. These programs will be available on Wordnet Streaming channel in the coming months. An Easter program was taped with Soney Sebastian in the afternoon.

Wordnet Staff presented the streaming channel and the daily reflection apps at St. Matthew’s parish, Corona at all the Masses on 15th and 16th of February. We thank Hieu Trong Nguyen and Vinh the Trinh the Pastor and the Associate of the parish for their welcome and assistance. Wordnet continues to produce the daily reflections of iGod Today and Dios Habla and its 24/7 streaming channel wordnet TV (www.wordnettv.net) is available to everyone on all the devices.

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