Fr Xavier’s Message to our Province

The General Visitation (GV) of the Province of the United States-West (USW) from 01 to 17February 2022 was a joyous experience of interacting with the confreres engaged in various ministries. It was a delightful demonstration of trust and confidence in the interpersonal dialogue, a remarkable display of openness and receptivity, an enriching moment of listening and learning from the life and mission of the confreres and collaborators, a proud moment of paying heed to the testimonies of the commendable contributions of confreres for the welfare of various communities in California, a comforting moment of relishing the hospitality that is hallmark of the Society of the Divine Word, and an exciting moment of celebration of the sense of belonging to one grand intercultural family of saint Arnold Janssen.

I must confess that meetings with communities, confreres and collaborators in USW were moments of graciousness and contentment for me. Therefore, at the very outset, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the confreres and mission partners in USW, especially the Provincial Superior Fr. Jon Kirby and his team, for making the sexennial celebration of the GV of USW-2022 so meaningful, memorable and focused.

I could observe that your praiseworthy presence and proclamation of the Divine Word in the State of California has made a difference in the life and mission of its vibrant local church. In the face of many challenges, your humble efforts to be transforming missionary disciples, and your commitment to promoting intercultural life and mission are commendable.

It was a pleasure encountering 63 confreres hailing from 13 nations, committed and contented, being proud to belong to the Society of the Divine Word, and rendering remarkable pastoral-missionary service in various capacities and ministries in the six dioceses of California. I was particularly impressed by the displays and statues of our saints, vision-mission statements, quarter hour prayer, etc. that are exhibited prominently in our parishes and institutions manifesting our charism and spirituality.

I would also like to express my thanks to all our confreres for making our Assembly/Chapter such a success. Blessings to all of you.

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