Hermana Glenda visits Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Riverside, California

It was a long wait for Queen of Angels Parish, Riverside to host the uplifting spiritual musical concert of Hermana Glenda.  The invitation was accepted with the confirmation of date November 19, 2017. The entire parish community was enthusiastically involved in the planning and promotion of the event. There was a very encouraging response from the beginning and the tickets were on high demand. More than 1000 tickets were sold before the day of concert itself.
Fr. Beni Leu, SVD The pastor of Queen of Angel parish welcomed Hermana Glenda and encouraged the community to put in their heart, mind, and hope that the concert will enrich their spiritual Journey.
The concert had two parts with a 30 minute break. The first part was comprised of   music and hymns composed by Hermana Glenda herself. All the hymns sung preceded a spiritual reflection. It was beautiful and had a message. The music, and reflections helped people revive Spiritual life. There were lot of joyful expressions of weeping, waving and embracing their love to one another.
The second part was exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  It was a spiritual moment in which many people experienced a personal touch and experience of Jesus.  “He is here to tell you that someone is praying for you; He is praying for you, Mary mother of God is praying for you, all the saints are praying for you, your parents are praying for you, your beloved one is praying for you. In the presence of Jesus we pray for one another”.  She said.
There were around fourteen hundred people participated and experienced a spiritual renewal in their lives.
Fr. Beni Leu, SVD, Pastor, Queen of Angels
Riverside CA

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