Reasons to Believe Season 2 Started

The Reasons to Believe season 2 started on Friday (14th) with the live streaming of the first episode. The program is presented by Matthew Petrusek, Phd and is live streamed from Wordnet on our YouTube and Facebook channel. The program includes a half hour presentation by Matthew followed by questions and answers. The audience can share their questions on YouTube or Facebook and Matthew will answer them live.

The first episode was on the topic of Optimism vs Hope. Matthew in his presentation explained the superstitious nature of optimism but hope is eternal. After the presentation by Matthew Fr. Soney Sebastian interacted with Matthew with the questions from the audience. The new format of half hour presentation followed by interactive questions and answers makes it more lively.

The live presentation is also due to the restrictions of Covid-19 since we cannot have an audience in the studio. But this opens a wider opportunity and audience.

Reasons to Believe season 1 was filmed in the studio with an audience last year and is now available on Wordnet YouTube channel and WordNet TV streaming channel. Reason to Believe season 2 is a follow up on the first series. We intend to stream live the next episodes every other Friday.

The first episode is now available on Wordnet YouTube channel for those who missed the live presentation.

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