Sub-Zonal Meeting of the Dimension Coordinators

The sub-zonal meeting of the Dimension coordinators were held at Bay St. Luis from 24-26 September. All the dimension coordinators from the three provinces along with the three provincials gathered together for the meeting. The Generalate was represented by Stanislaus Lazar the Generalate Mission Secretary. Marcello Cateneo PANAM Zonal coordinator was also present for the meeting. Lazar made a presentation on behalf of all the Generalate dimension coordinators. He gave the present statistics of the society. The total number of our membership at present is 5998. Total number of Members from PANAM  is 449 of which 388 are working in PANAM itself. He said that one of the questions that we need to constantly ask is do our missionary activities meet the contemporary challenges. 

Using the SWAT analysis method the coordinators shared on the various activities going on in their particular provinces and discussed about a strategic plan for all the four dimensions. Some common programs are also planned. The meeting was organized by Siprianus the sub-zonal coordinator for dimensions. 

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