A Great Sent-off for Mike Manning

The memorial services for Mike Manning were held on Tuesday (Vigil on 12/20) and Wednesday (Funeral Mass and internment 12/21). The Vigil was held at the Divine Word Retreat Center in Riverside where Mike spent not only his early years helping the summer camps but also the beginning of the Television Ministry. Prayers, rosary, memories and stories were shared by many people who attended the program.
Mike's funeral sixThe Funeral Mass was celebrated at Queen of Angels Church, Riverside. About 1200 people attended the funeral which was presided by Bishop Gerald Barnes. Joe Miller shared a heart rending homily and Soney Sebastian made the final acknowledgments. There were dozens of priests, brothers and religious who came to express their feelings and appreciation for one of their priest friend who touched their lives. The liturgy was a great experience with graceful dance and lively music. The internment followed the funeral Mass.
Mike's funeral threeThere were many who took great care to make this sent-off a memorable one. Thanks to the Rector and community of Riverside for all the arrangements for the vigil. The Pastor and the associate pastors of Queen of Angels Church along with the Lay Missionaries and others took care of the Mass and the reception. The diocese’s liturgical music department took care of the music and dance.
Mike's funeral oneThanks also to everyone for giving such a wonderful sent-off to Mike Manning. Yes, he will live in our hearts forever.
Mike's funeral four

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