Hanging and Stand Up Banners Distributed

The hanging and retractable (stand up) banners of our founders are distributed to all the parishes as follow up on the USW parish profile. The hanging banners are of the Founders Saint Arnold Janssen and Saint Joseph Frienademetez. One of the standup banners gives basic information about the society like our popular and proper name, the number of members and the number of countries we are ministering as well as the names of the three provinces in the United States. The second stand up banner gives the information about the three religious orders founded by Saint Arnold Janssen.
The book marks are of the quarter hour prayer and the invocation prayer of our saints. They are in English and Spanish. There are also the pictures of the founders (28×25 inches) for framing. These are ready for distribution and I will get them to you in the coming days. We want to encourage every parish to distribute it among the parishioners as well as recite it during the Masses especially the quarter hour prayer.
We thank Vietnamese Charitable Association (VCA) and its benefactors for sponsoring the banners, book marks and pictures of the founders

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