St. Anthony’s Church, San Bernardino Renovated

St. Anthony’s Church underwent a much needed renovation recently. The work took place under the supervision of Pavol and Paul. They had to close the church from Thanksgiving to get the work completed for Christmas. The main areas of the Church and the altar have new flooring. The choir area from behind the altar is moved to one of the sides. This has given a lot of room to move the altar to the back giving the much needed room the inside of the church right in front of the altar. The Christmas celebrations were held at the new Church. You may check it out when you are around the area. st. anthony's church two

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  1. Michael L Galyon says: Reply

    I was a member of Saint Anthony’s from the age of 6 thru 16. I was very active in the parish as an alter server and lector. I attended the grade school for grades 1, 2, 3 an 8. Fr. Kaiserhour was our pastor then.
    I always loved the design and traditional style that the church had then. BUT I must say the pictures of the renovation that I have seen on your site, are wonderful. You have kept the very nice look of the church but updated and lightened it up.
    I am especially happy to see the tabernacle still prominent on the high alter. I am also pleased to see the statues of Mary and St. Anthony still there by the altar. I remember them well. Good work.

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