SVD Lay Partners Renews their Commitment

On September 24, 2016 fifteen of the MLVD members of Queen of Angeles Church, Riverside renewed their commitment for another year to be Lay Partners of the SVD and to be witness to the ministry and charism of our Founder and the Society. Five members made their commitment for the first time. We congratulate them in their missionary vocation as our Lay Partners. We thank them for walking with us in the footsteps of our Founder St. Arnold Janssen. mlvd-commtment-three
We are also happy to announce that the MLVD has acquired a new property to relocate Kairos religious store with a loan from USC and USW. The new property is right across the present location on Tyler, Riverside. They would need to refurbish and reorganize it before relocating Kairos. Their target is to move into the new facility by January 2017. mlvd-commitment-oneWe congratulate MLVD for their tireless commitment and dedication to the mission.

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