Bible Workshop 2016

Our second Bible workshop took place on October 22, 2016 at St. George, Ontario. It was organized in three languages English, Spanish and Vietnamese simultaneously.  Sr. Dianne Bergant, CSA guided the English group, Roberto Flores, SVD guided the Spanish group and Binh Nguyen, SVD guided the Vietnamese group. There were about 250 participants totally. bible-workshop-two
The program began with a veneration of the Bible in the Church and everyone going in procession to the respective, designated places for the workshop. The topic of the workshop was ‘Exodus’. All the participants enjoyed and learned a lot from the workshop. bible-workshop-one
The organizer of the workshop was Roberto Flores, our Biblical Ministry Coordinator and it was sponsored by Ministerio Biblico Verbo Divino (MBVD). We thank Roberto Flores for organizing it so beautifully and MBVD for taking care of all the expenses. We also thank all the people who worked with him. bible-workshop-threeWe thank Trung Mai the pastor of St. George, Ontario and Edmund Afagbegee its associate pastor and the staff for providing and arranging the space and all the necessary assistance. We thank all our parishes for their wonderful support and participation. We thank the presenters Sr. Dianne, Roberto and Binh for the wonderful presentations.

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