Wordnet Productions Visiting Parishes

USW media Center Wordnet Productions has been working hard to set up a 24/7 streaming channel. The channel (WordNet TV – www.wordnettv.net) has been going on successfully for the last one year. There are a lot of new programming as well as programs by other well known producers featuring on the channel. Mission Minute is one of the highlights of the channel trying to project the missionary work of the Church through the activities of the Divine Word
Missionaries and others. The daily reflections of iGod Today and Dios Habla also features on the channel daily.

In order to make the channel known to our parishioners Wordnet intends to visit all the SVD parishes in the coming months. Sr. Patricia Phillips, SHCJ the director of Wordnet will be calling you after Easter to discuss the appropriate weekend when Wordnet can visit your parish. A little set up to introduce the channel and Wordnet ministry and a few minutes during the Mass would be what it requires from all the parishes.

Let us support Wrodnet Productions the media center of USW province. Wordnet is our answer to social media and the digital era. We shall use it to tell others and the world about our ministry with the people. Let us join hands together.

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