Holy Week bring more people return to the church

Every year Queen of Angels Catholic Church at Riverside, California has many spiritual activities during the Holy week. One of such is acting out of the passion of Jesus. There are two important days during the Holy Week when the Gospel reading is dramatized. The first is on Palm Sunday and the second is on Good Friday. The actors dressed in costumes of the ancient Jewish times enact the passion in the church. It is an emotional moment creating a special spiritual repentance.

The second presentation is on Good Friday. The live Stations of the Cross outside the church is the prime moment for everyone to experience the crucifixion. The live presentation depicts the suffering of agony of Christ on the Way to Calvary reminding us of the folly of sin and the salvation Christ brought for us. Later everyone participates in the ceremonies of the Liturgy of the Word, veneration of the cross and the Holy Communion. It surely is a profound meditation on the suffering and death of Jesus.

These are very emotional moments making everyone to tear up. It is definitely a time of repentance and reconciliation calling us to renew our commitment as followers of Christ. Everyone returned home touched by the passionate love of Christ expressed through the shedding of his blood.

Fr. Beni Leu, SVD
Pastor, Queen of Angels Church, Riverside.

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  1. I always try to be front and centered to see this amazing performance. It definitely gets better every year. I have to admit that Yes I do cry!! Great Job Ministerio Passion and thank you Father Beni for your continued support!:)

  2. Lupita Santana says: Reply

    Bendito sea mi padre Celestial por tantas bendiciones derramadas en nuestra Iglesia♡ me siento muy bendecida en ser parte de la familia Queen of Angels
    Tantos dones, tantos carismas, tantos talentos♡ Dios nos siga fortaleciendo Espiritualmente acada uno de la comunidad…. Dios es bueno todo el tiempo.

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