Thank you, Pandemic and God!

The past two plus years have truly been a great challenge, a keen learning experience, and a grand new adventure for me. Like all of us in this Covid pandemic, I’ve had to learn new ways of engaging my congregation and caring for their health and welfare. Also, like many of us, I’ve experienced the […]

Fr Xavier’s Message to our Province

The General Visitation (GV) of the Province of the United States-West (USW) from 01 to 17February 2022 was a joyous experience of interacting with the confreres engaged in various ministries. It was a delightful demonstration of trust and confidence in the interpersonal dialogue, a remarkable display of openness and receptivity, an enriching moment of listening […]

What’s their Secret?

Here at the Provincial Office it has become very well known who are the two parishes that give the most every year to help the Province financially. We never cease to be amazed that although St George, Ontario, and Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ontario, are not the most wealthy of our 20 Province parishes—especially Guadalupe […]

Provincial Assembly/Chapter XX

Our USW Provincial Assembly/Chapter was held on Wednesday, February 16 at the Divine Word Residence in Riverside CA from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM. It was followed by Mass with Fr Xavier as celebrant and Fr Jon who con-celebrated with Fr Alan, the Residence Rector. The Mass was followed by a social and a delicious […]

What’s Happening at Wordnet

What’s New at Wordnet: Our Control Room, Audio/Makeup Room and Editing Room at Wordnet’s Studios have received a much needed “facelift.” Time and weather have taken their toll on the sound-proofing foam that covers the walls of these rooms, and their renovation has given them a fresh, modern, new look. But that’s not all. Much […]

A Time for Thanksgiving

On the 25th of this month we celebrated the “American Thanksgiving.” We gathered together with our families and friends to celebrate the memory of how God saved the Puritan forefathers of our country from a devastating winter and starvation when they left their homes so that they could freely celebrate their faith. Through this celebration […]