Refugee Program at Our Lady of Rosary Cathedral, San Bernardino

Our Lady of Rosary Cathedral has opened its facilities to refugees. In the last few weeks many refugees crossing the border and brought over by the border petrol have been given place for short stay at the church facility. Duong Nguyen the pastor of the Cathedral informs that so far they have been able welcome 600 refugees.
The Diocese of San Bernardino along with Catholic Charities has been running a program to accommodate the refugees coming to our borders at Our Lady of Soledad Church, Coachella Valley. The program is coordinated and managed by the help of Catholic Charities. Many of the parishioners work as volunteers to welcome and make arrangements for the refugees. They are provided a place to sleep, shower, fresh change of clothes and basic medical attention. As soon as the refugees arrive contacts are made with their family or relative in the country and ticket and basic necessities are provided so that these refugees are able to travel to their family, relative or friend in the States. They are also taught basic conversation skill in English so that they can ask for any help while travelling to their destination.
Recently Wordnet Productions filmed the activities in Coachella Valley and conducted many interviews with those involved with the program.

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