Reasons to Believe

Wordnet Productions has been hosting a presentation on Reasons to Believe by Dr. Matthew R. Petrusek, Associate Professor of Theological Ethics, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. It is a series of lectures by Dr. Matthew on the reasons why we need to believe in God. Using some of the contemporary ideas and philosophy Dr. Matthew establishes the reasons for the existence and believe in God. He goes to answer the arguments between science and religion. He explains and defends the theological and moral doctrines of the Church to a modern audience. He celebrates the depth and beauty of the Catholic intellectual tradition and illustrates why the teaching of the Catholic Church is true now more than ever. He answers the questions like why do we believe in God in an age of skepticism, why should we be a Christian in an age of religious intolerance, why should one need to be Catholic in a time of denominational choices and why should one need to be Catholic in an age of autonomy.
Three presentations have been completed and three more are to go. The presentations are being taped as it is delivered to a studio audience. It will be available on Wordnet’s streaming channel (Wordnet TV) and Youtube Channel. The shows are presented once a week.

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